Ensuring that you tag your notes and documents is essential for good data organization and file management. Recall from the discussion of front matter that tags in Markdown documents go inside the snippet at the beginning of the file.

  - farmland
  - commons
  - governance
  - report

Ultimately, tags are flexible tools that allow a system of file organization to grow and adapt somewhat organically. Within reason, you can feel free to assign tags to your notes and docs as you see fit. Having said that, aim to follow these guidelines when considering which tags to apply:

  • Always include one or more content-type tags (note for research notes, doc for longer documents, etc). Depending on your needs, these content-type tags can be specific to the type of document (e.g. article, report, etc).

  • Always include one or more topic tags that include keywords based on the content of the note or doc (e.g. leases, non-profit governance).

  • Project names associated with a note or document should go a separate project: field. The project name should be the same of that of the relevant “projects” folder on NextCloud (e.g. foodgov, foodentrepreneurs).